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Let’s Make a Map - Map Drawing Made Fun!

Let's Make a Map - Map Drawing Made Fun!

One Week, with Nate Padavick
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Maps are beautiful, fun to make, endlessly creative, and have so many uses.

Maps aren’t just a way to navigate. They’re a rich and expressive way to tell stories— about your travels, your memories and family history, your neighborhood, your favorite places to eat and shop, and so much more!

In this unique 1-week workshop, Nate Padavick, one of the world’s leading map illustrators, will show you dozens of examples of this beautiful art form and then help you make it your own. Step-by-step, he’ll demonstrate how to pick a topic for your map, plan, research, and draw your own personalized map. Soon, you’ll be ready to submit your map to Nate’s website, They Draw and Travel!

In this kourse, you’ll learn:

  • Over a hundred ways to make a map
  • How to research your map online
  • The crucial components of a successful map
  • Simple tricks to plot out a map
  • How to use basic art supplies to make map elements
  • How your computer can help you compose and produce your map and so much more!

You’ll be able to make so many kinds of maps:

  • A map of your life, and where you’d like it to go
  • Your favorite vacation and all the things you saw, ate, and did—a great way to remember a trip!
  • A book lover’s map of favorite books you’d recommend to friends
  • Food maps of the best places to eat in town, your Top 10 Favorite Coffee Shops, a map for the office of good places to eat in the area
  • A historical map of your town, or of your family tree (a one-of-a-kind gift!)
  • A map of things you’d like to do, with a dateline of when you want to accomplish them

There’s no limit to the maps you can make. So Let’s Make A Map!

Kourse price is $29 USD plus VAT tax where applicable