Our Kourses:

They’re fun, they’re different, and they’re designed to fit your life.

Our kourses go way beyond typical art instruction classes. You’ll hang out with the teachers, hear their experiences, learn about their tools, see how they work, and share their personal sketchbooks. With beautiful, high-quality videos filmed right in the teacher’s studio, you’ll be inspired, instructed, and entertained.

Learn when and where you want. We have lots of kourses you can start right now to work on at your own pace — binge or savor them, it’s up to you. In addition, each month we start a new Community kourse. Those lessons arrive on a weekly schedule so we can work and share as a group.

Not sure where to start? Try How to Draw Without Talent or Beginning

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Self-directed Kourses:

These kourses are all available to take anytime, at your own pace.

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